We are suckered into thinking that we can only explore extraordinary different places when we travel to exotic places (India, Spain, Hawaii), if we have a super glamorous lifestyle, and if we have the latest and most promising tools to capture the experience (new high quality camera).

All of this is just bullshit that the advertising companies try to feed you, to breed discontent with your simple and humble life. You might think you need to get out of your world to see something different and to feel like someone else – to define a new version of yourself in order to feel better, different, extraordinary.

Well – that might be true in certain moments, but also consider taking one step ahead – going outside, may be you take the train and take the chance and take a look at our work at Gallery Weekend Berlin in order to embrace the inner world just outside your window and you’ll get a great chance to change your point of view for the long run.

“It’s funny to read all the things that get said about bretz/holliger. Some of it’s accurate and some of it’s so off the mark it’s crazy. And whatever people might think – at its core bretz/holliger is about doing good work – it always has been. That is basically the drive and concept of the two artists. The fact that we have been successful is as much a positive statement about the world of art as it is about the world of bretz/holliger.”


In the near future you will read more information about this event. Please check out our news area soon, thanks.